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IF: LEAD 2020 (Online Event)
Saturday, August 15th

We’ve all been sitting in a lot of tensions. We miss being busy, but we’re also afraid of returning to the way things were. We are grateful for time with people we love, but saddened by the struggles in our own lives, and those we love. We want to dream about the future, but it feels completely unknown.

So, what is it? Mission or rest? Joy or disappointment? Dream big or wait on God?

What if it’s both—all of it?

On August 15th, we are invited to pull together a few friends in our living rooms as we embrace the tension with this sisterhood of women God has given us called IF:Gathering. We do not want you to miss it! And yes, this is for you. Whether you lead toddlers or are a CEO of a company or lead a small Bible study in your dorm room. You lead! Here are some of the dreams we have for you:

  •  You will stop waiting to lead yourself and the people who need you.
  •  You feel equipped to study and teach your Bible, as well as bring people together to talk about Jesus.
  •  You will build the community you have been craving around the mission God has for you.
  •  You will innovate with your team and friends about how to transform your church, neighborhood, family, or workplace.
  •  You will have space to celebrate and dream with women all over the world together about how God could use us in our generation.
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