Throughout the year we host a mix of classes for the adults of our congregation.

These are valuable opportunities to broaden your knowledge on the Christian faith and build community.

Attend any of our 16 available classes:

Biblical Prophecy and Revelation
4-Week Class | Sundays | 9:00am
*NEW START DATE: Sunday, February 20th

John Hutchison will be teaching a 4-week class on Biblical Prophecy & Revelation during our 9:00am service on Sundays beginning February 20th!
The class will cover questions like…
-WHAT, according to Scripture, are the major events leading up to the return of Jesus and following?
-WHY are the return of Jesus and related end-time events so important?
-HOW does a deeper understanding of biblical prophecy give us perspective and help us face the tough times of life?

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Bible Institute

We offer a series of 4-week classes, administered three times a year to provide supplemental information paralleling our sermon series and challenging our people to grow deeply in God’s Word.

Parenting Class

Our Parenting Class provides easy-to-use applications to help reach the heart of your child with a God-centered purpose.  This “best of” biblically-based parenting curriculum is for parents of 3-year-olds through 9-year-olds.

Stewardship: Financial Peace University

Financial Peace University (FPU) is a nine-week class on money taught by Dave Ramsey. Each week, you’ll learn how to take control of your money, how to invest for the future, and give like never before.  Everyone can benefit from this program, regardless of age, income, and marital status.

Bible Exposition: OT Survey

A broad survey of the Old Testament books, including selected introductory and critical issues, relevant background, and major themes.

Bible Exposition: NT Survey

A general overview of the New Testament books, including selected introductory and critical issues,
relevant background, and major themes.

Bible Exposition: Life of Christ

A chronological and expositional study of Jesus Christ’s life on earth, emphasizing the historical, cultural and theological interpretation of key events and teachings in Christ’s life, as well as the similarities/differences of the four gospel accounts.

Spiritual Warfare

This course presents a biblical picture of the spiritual world and its effects for humanity. Students will learn to diagnose the extent to which our fallen world, our sinful flesh, and spiritual forces have influenced us as well as a practical plan towards freedom and health.

Sticky Faith

Most parents would give anything to anchor their children with a vibrant faith that “sticks” and continues to mature into adulthood. Yet, despite this deep desire, research indicates that approximately 40-50% of high school seniors drift from their faith after graduation. The Sticky Faith Parent Curriculum enables parents to instill a deep and lasting faith in their adolescents through powerful strategies and practical ideas that help parents encourage their children’s spiritual growth.

Membership Class

Our four-session membership class informs you about OCF’s history, philosophy of ministry, doctrinal statement, church by-laws, and the responsibilities of church membership. We typically offer this class three times a year during our 9:00am service. Check back for more information for our next class.

Pursuing God

This course is designed to present the five ways in which God invites us to pursue Him: understanding the Gospel, prayer, God’s Word, Christian community, and obedience. As followers of Jesus, and for our development as the unique and significant members of God’s family we are, we need all five.

Theological Foundations

This course offers the opportunity to learn what the entire Bible has to say about the major doctrines of the Christian faith and lays the foundation for our beliefs as a community of faith.

Bible Study Methods

Perhaps the most valuable tool followers of Jesus need is His Word. In our Bible Study Methods course, we will learn a basic and effective three-step model: observation, interpretation, and application and will be able to put the method to practice with weekly assignments.

Spiritual Formation

Spiritual Formation is transformation of the heart of the believer in Jesus accomplished by the Holy Spirit. This course helps followers of Christ to understand the process of spiritual growth and the unique role of the Holy Spirit in the process.

Biblical Worldview

Our worldview is the lens through which we see all of life. With all the competing world views in our culture, followers of Jesus need to understand what exactly the Christian worldview is and grow in confidence that it is the most robust, true, and livable worldview there is.

Care and Counseling

There are so many hurting people around us. Having the basic understanding of how to evaluate the “need” in others and to effectively engage them through prayer, care, and counsel helps the believer to be extensions of the arms, eyes, and heart of God in their circles of influence. In this course we will learn these basic skills as well as acquire resources that will allow us to direct those in our care to more specialized care when needed.

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