Small Groups

To thrive as a follower of Jesus, building close connections with fellow believers and living out our faith together is essential. At OCF Church, our Small Groups provide the perfect chance to forge bonds within our community, journey alongside one another in pursuit of God’s truth, and spread the warmth and compassion of Jesus to all. These groups are more than just gatherings—they’re vibrant communities where we study, pray, worship, serve, celebrate, and simply share life together.

Series Based

A great way to absorb the word of God is through conversation. We have dozens of small groups throughout the South Bay. Every week these groups get together and discuss the biblical text from Sunday’s sermon. It’s also a time for casual hanging out, building community, and finding support.

Topical Groups


All groups and efforts to draw near to the Lord work towards our discipleship, but we want to make a distinction here. Discipleship groups at OCF carry the intention to walk through a study in what the whole life of faith looks like. While no such study can complete your work of growing as a disciple, there are a number of quality studies and methods available to help groups of our people journey together to encounter what it truly means to be a follower of Jesus. Discipleship Groups then, are groups that meet to explore what the whole life of faith in Jesus actually is in its entirety.

For further information regarding Men’s Discipleship, please contact Pastor Chris.
For further information regarding Women’s Discipleship, please contact Linda Goy (310-686-5247).

For more information please contact Sean McLeish