Counseling & Helplines

Pastoral Counseling

Life may get complicated when you’re facing emotional, relational, or spiritual challenges. Through pastoral counseling you don’t have to go through a struggle alone. We provide hope and counsel to individuals and couples in need of healing. Our intention is to extend God’s spirit of grace and love to your life.

Pre-Marital Counseling

Marriage is a beautiful, lifelong commitment. In preparation for marriage OCF offers our members personal sessions with a pastor-elder prior to tying the knot. Together with your partner you’ll discuss important topics that will ultimately strengthen your bond with each other and Christ.

Wisdom Council

This is a group of 5-6 mature OCF members who gather together for a meeting to offer input and insight about a decision in an individual’s life. This council typically discusses each decision once, so it’s not designed to address long-term emotional or relational needs.

Helpful Resources

Please note that not every group listed is currently meeting so be sure to follow up with each contact/church for their most up-to-date meeting information.

Prayer Requests

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