Dave and Sandy White

Dave and Sandy White grew up here in the South Bay. Dave went to Aviation High School and Sandy attended West High School. They have been serving as missionaries in the Philippines since 1985.

Throughout these years, their ministry focused on training Filipinos to plant churches. This training is done at many levels to get the job done nationwide: lay people who plant churches, pastors who mobilize their local church, and coaches of church planters. To multiply the fruit, the cream of the crop is given additional training so that they become the trainers of church planters.  Through this strategy, over 100 trainers are now functioning simultaneously across the country.

God has blessed the Whites with amazing fruit in the Philippines, as the number of churches has multiplied from just 5,000 in 1974 to over 70,000 today. This gives Filipino leaders the authority and platform to share with leaders from other counties. The Whites, along with key Filipino trainers, have expanded training networks into Nepal, Myanmar, Kyrgyzstan, and Cambodia, with more opportunities is several other countries.

The Whites love hearing from our church family, so feel free to reach out to Dave and Sandy at davewhite@oci.org.